Here’s what the South Side PTA has done and plans to do for current school year:
<h3>Enrichment Events/Activities</h3>
<li>Funds field trips for each class</li>
<li>Purchased harmonicas for all 3rd, 4th, 5th graders</li>
<li>Wellness Fair</li>
<li>Opera for the Young Assembly</li>
<li>Little Theater on the Square Assembly</li>
<li>Jr. Great Books Book Club</li>
<li>Weekly Chess Club</li>
<li>Reading Night</li>
<li>South Side Yearbook</li>
<li>Reflections (state PTA art competition)</li>
<li>Turnoff Week</li>
<li>Science Night / Science Club</li>
<li>South Side Studio (our students’ creative arts magazine)</li>
<li>Scholastic Book Fairs (2x year)</li>
<li>Tim Stafford Academic Fund (cash grants/donations for teachers/staff)</li>
<li>Supported “Music Without Borders” Ensemble</li>
<li>Supported 4th and 5th grades’ chorus</li>
<li>What’s Happening Newsletter</li>
<li>Student Directory</li>
<li>First / Last day of school coffee social</li>
<li>Teacher and Staff Appreciation (food and gifts)</li>
<li>Education Week Breakfast</li>
<li>Fun Night</li>
<li>PTA Volunteer Recognition Dinner</li>
<li>5th Grade Celebration</li>
<li>Provided child care for PTA meetings, forums and special events</li>
<li>Forums – Envisioning South Side’s Future, Beyond the Consent Decree</li>
<h2>How is all this possible?</h2>
Through the volunteer efforts of families, faculty, staff, AND the funds generated from fundraisers. The budget for these events in 2008 was $14,000.
<h2>There is more?</h2>
Research shows that, in general, children of involved parents have better school experiences, higher grades and test scores, fewer disciplinary problems, and more supportive teachers. Every parent’s support and involvement counts. Parent involvement benefits ALL children.

<em>Together, we can be a powerful voice for our children and a strong advocate for public education.</em>