MemberHub is active!

South Side’s MemberHub is live!

The PTA is transitioning over to using MemberHub as our main communication tool & we would love to have 100% of our South Side families & staff signed-up, so that everyone is receiving school news & there is an up-to-date school directory.  This wordpress site will be phased out in the next few weeks, so if you haven’t signed up for MemberHub yet, do so today!

Once registered on the secure website, you can choose which, if any, information to make public and how you would like to receive news (emails, text or none).

Head over now to sign up:
Join Request Key: 8xb9r7

It’s not that tricky, but here below the step-by-steps for logging on the first time:

Logging​ on for the First Time:

  • Visit
  • Enter Join Request Key: 8xb9r7
  • Fill in your information
    • For role: Select “parent” or “guardian”, if you have a current South Side student.
      Otherwise, choose “adult”.
  • Next, fill in any family members. This is extremely helpful for the class directories.  You will be able to choose which information is public in the directory.
    • For role: Select “student” if the child is a current South Side student.  You will then see another drop down menu where you can select their classroom teacher.

Select “child”, if they are not a current South Side student.

Select “adult” if they live in your household, but are not a direct parent or guardian.

  • Click “Submit”. A popup box will appear to ensure that your information is correct.
  • Your registration will need to be approved by a site administrator. As soon as that happens (ideally within 24 hrs.), you will receive an email letting you know that your join request has been accepted.  That email will have a link to create your password.
  • Once your password is created, you will be asked to fill in your profile. Step 2 allows you to choose which information is public for viewing.  When filling out your profile, remember to select your cell phone provider if you want the ability to receive text announcements.

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